Background Information

Kings Infra is one the pioneers in the seafood and aquaculture business in the country. Kings introduced the first semi intensive integrated aquaculture project in the country. Japanese technology was adapted to Indian conditions by Kings from the year 1986 and by the year 1989, the Company had fully customized and localized technology. By the year 1991 Kings established the record of the highest production per hectare and highest productivity in Asia of shrimp farming in semi intensive system of culture.

We are continuing our innovation in the field of aquaculture and we are opening up new frontiers in technology. Experience and expertise built over the last several years coupled with the new initiatives for the digital transformation and automation of the business has a potential to revolutionise the aquaculture industry, making it sustainable, traceable and quality certified.

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing segments of the food sector. Even when the downswing in global economies, it is pertinent to note that there was soaring demand for seafood in the international and domestic markets, especially for sustainably produced and marketed with complete traceability.